Brooder Box Build Plans

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Brooder Box Build Plans

Green Willow Homestead

How to build a Brooder Box from one piece of plywood.

The build plans come as a PDF and are downloadable, printable, and include all the information needed to get started:

  • ​Complete materials + tools lists
  • 17 pages of step-by-step instructions with detailed diagrams, drawings, and pictures.
  • A bonus section with tips and tricks we implement to make the Brooder Box work to our benefit.

The Brooder Box includes:

  • Nesting Box with built-in box-in option
  • Dust bathing spot
  • Foraging/feeding area
  • Optional leg construction with 2x4s to save your low back from having to bend down!

Brooder Box Specs:

  • Dimensions: ~3'L x 2'W x 2'H
  • Total materials cost: $85
  • Total build time: ~3 hours (unpainted)

*With every purchase, we donate $5 to the Chickens and Littles Program at Loveland Acres Farm based in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. This farm program nurtures and educates our next generation of chicken lovers by setting up classrooms and families with incubation supplies and hatching eggs.*

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17 page PDF [downloadable + printable]

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16 pages