The 2021 Cultivating Capital Course


The Cultivating Capital Course includes:

  • 12 modules of detailed start-to-finish instruction and tutorials.

  • Each module delivers a 15 - 120 minute downloadable or streamable video, totaling 14 hours of in-depth online marketing education.

  • 12 printable worksheets

  • 30+ tutorials and case studies on website building, blogging, setting up an online store, and creating ads

  • 30+ actionable exercises for you and your farm/homestead to go through so you can gain clarity with your business, create purpose with your marketing, and earn a profit for your farm


To date, 375+ farmers, business owners, and homesteaders have enrolled and benefitted from the Cultivating Capital Course.


When you enroll in the Cultivating Capital Course, you immediately receive all 12 modules, allowing you to take the course at your own pace and in your own time.


Course Breakdown:

Module 1: SUCCESS

[15 min HD video + Worksheets]

  • Learn the secret to building an unbreakable foundation for your farm business

  • Understand how to set concrete goals that are achievable for your farm

  • Create a solid vision you love for your farm that you can consistently work toward


[20 min HD video + Worksheets]

How to define your perfect customer and where to find them.

  • Discover the most common mistake farmers make when marketing their products

  • Learn how to understand and identify your farm's perfect customer

  • Understand how to find your perfect customer both online and out in your local area - completely for free.

Module 3: SELLING

[15 min HD video + Worksheets]

How to heal your money mindset and get over the fear of selling your farm’s products.

  • Explore your relationship with money and unearth the limiting beliefs you may hold around deserving "wealth"

  • Discover how to rethink the way you promote your farm's products and demystify the act of selling

  • Learn how to write compelling sales copy that converts followers into customers

Module 4: METRICS

[20 min HD video + Worksheets]

Cut through the social media white noise and discover the only online marketing metric that matters.

  • Complete detailed and actionable goal setting from a financial perspective as well as a social media perspective.

  • My own personal metrics across social media platforms using online marketing, case studies of others' metrics

  • What a healthy conversion rate looks like for your farm

Module 5: BRANDING

[50 min HD video + Worksheets]

How to create breathtaking branding that sets your farm apart and makes customers instantly love you. Includes:

  • Step-by-step beautiful branding tutorials

  • Branding creation that you can do for free

  • Where to find affordable branding pros if you want to outsource


[50 min HD video + 90 min HD video tutorials + Worksheets]

How to build and maintain a website for your farm that keeps customers engaged and willing to spend their money on you. 

  • Start-to-finish website creation tutorial on both Weebly and Grazecart

  • How to launch a blog your potential customers will actually take the time to read

  • How to implement an online shopping cart for a seamless sales experience

  • How to utilize Google analytics for free

  • SEO hacks that work wonders for the Google algorithm so you don’t have to pay for Google ads


[40 min HD video + 90 min HD video tutorials + Worksheets]

How to put together an email list for your farm that turns website visitors into loyal customers.

  • What email marketing platforms are the best options and why

  • Start-to-finish email marketing set up tutorials

  • How to set up an email opt-in for free

  • How to create an automated email sales funnel to drive farm profits

  • Email marketing list best practices

Module 8: FACEBOOK

[120 min HD video + Worksheets]

How to correctly use Facebook to raise awareness for your farm and easily drive sales.

  • How to set up your Facebook shop and integrate it with an existing shopping cart

  • How to run effective Facebook ads that are affordable and get results

  • Start-to-finish tutorials and case studies on setting up ads on Facebook

  • How to retarget potential perfect customers

  • What you need to know about Facebook best practices when it comes to the algorithm


[120 min HD video + Worksheets]

How to redefine your relationship with Instagram so you can build community as well as make money.

  • How to set up an Instagram strategy that increases engagement and builds community

  • How to use Instagram stories, reels, and guides to increase farm product sales

  • How to set up your farm's online shop so it integrates with Instagram and Facebook

  • How to get beautiful pictures for your feed for free

  • How to draft the perfect caption

  • The simple Instagram sales hack no one talks about (and you *don't* need the swipe up feature!)

Module 10: PINTEREST

[45 min HD video + 30 min HD video tutorials + Worksheets]

Why Pinterest is a surprisingly successful and profitable platform for farmers and how to cash in.

  • How to rethink the way you use Pinterest for your farm

  • Start-to-finish tutorials on creating the perfect pin from your website that has the potential to go viral

  • How to set up your farm's online store to integrate with Pinterest's new shopping experience

  • The best-kept secret on using productivity apps for Pinterest

Module 11: SYNERGY

[40 min HD video + Worksheets]

How to set up an online marketing plan for your farm that runs itself and requires minimal time and effort so you can get back to doing what you love - farming.

  • A comprehensive overview of how all the social media platforms work together to drive sales for your farm

  • What a typical day looks like for successful online marketing

  • How to read and understand metrics so you can make changes to your system if needed

Module 12: MINDSET

[40 min HD video + Worksheets]

Kelsey answers FAQs, offers up advice, and shares her experience using the Cultivating Capital Course system for her farm, Green Willow Homestead. Through both launching her farmstand in Milwaukee to how she's reinventing her business after moving across Wisconsin.


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Your access to The Cultivating Capital Course never expires. The course is yours to keep indefinitely, to utilize whenever you need it, and you also receive free updates to the course as it evolves. 

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The 2021 Cultivating Capital Course