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The ultimate room-by-room guide on how to live more sustainably and holistically in your own home.

If you are in the mood to refresh and detox your interior spaces, then treat yo self and grab The Holistic Home eBook, the ultimate room-by-room guide on how to live more sustainably and holistically in your own home. 

Whether you live in an apartment in a city or a home in the burbs, it's absolutely possible (and actually fun!) to work towards a sustainable lifestyle.

The Holistic Home is a 200+ page ebook that takes you room by room in your home and shows you exactly what habits to shift, what products to swap, and why it's crucial for healing your body and helping the planet.

The Clean Green Kitchen Chapter includes:

  • Understand why you do not have to go vegan or vegetarian to do better by the earth and what meat, dairy, and egg options are actually healing our environment, not hurting it

  • Learn how to compost your food scraps even if you don’t have a backyard

  • Create a simple grocery shopping routine that cuts down on plastic waste and benefits your local farmers

  • Learn exactly why the organic food movement is healing our bodies and our planet and how to jump on board

  • Purge your cupboards of the cleaning supplies that are hurting your body, use the natural DIY cleaning recipes I’ve effectively used for years, and find out which companies are making better options for your home

  • Discover the five common cooking mistakes that are severely affecting your wellbeing and how to easily shift to better habits and non-toxic products in the kitchen

  • Find out how to test your water quality to see if your health is at risk and the range of options you have to filter your drinking water properly

The Pure Pampered Bathroom Chapter includes:

  • Learn exactly which toxins are lurking in your shampoo, makeup, body wash, and other bathroom products and how to swap them out for safer natural alternatives

  • Understand the science behind why natural toxin-free body care items work better than their conventional counterparts

  • Make the switch to natural deodorant and shampoo as easy as possible with my tried and true acclimation tips

  • Create your own beauty and body care items with natural sustainable ingredients or use my personally tested list of approved products that will leave you feeling truly clean and beautiful

  • Discover how to shift your current habits in the bathroom to cut down on landfill-bound waste and heal your body while doing so

  • Make the switch to sustainable feminine care options as easy as possible with my vetted suggestions and habit-changing tips

The Calm Clear Bedroom Chapter includes:

  • Understand why our modern culture is disrupting your ability to get good shut-eye, and what you can do right now to fix it

  • Learn exactly how to emotionally and physically slow down to prime your body for the perfect night’s sleep

  • Tackle your overstuffed closet with ease using a straightforward framework to cut down on the clutter and put together a capsule wardrobe that actually works

  • Discover why organic and natural textiles are good for your own health and equally as good in our battle to protect the environment and secure human rights across the world

  • Use my personally vetted list of sustainable fair-trade toxin-free clothing companies that are comfortable and built to last.

  • Find out how to shop for a natural eco-friendly mattress that won’t break the bank

The Simple Serene Living Room Chapter includes:

  • Learn how indoor air quality may be causing some serious issues with your health and what you can do right now to fix it

  • Don’t sacrifice design and aesthetics when shopping for sustainably made toxin-free decor and instead use the list of gorgeous do-good companies I’ve compiled

  • Find out which houseplants can help clean the air of toxins naturally and how to take care of them

  • Learn why your Bath and Bodyworks candle is terrible for your health and the non-toxic alternatives you can use to make your home smell equally as amazing

The Lovely Low-Maintenance Lawn includes:

  • Discover why spending less time on yard work and lawn care is good for your soil and protects our pollinators

  • Use my trusted holistic fertilizer recipe that will simultaneously protect your plants from munching insects and feed them the nutrients they need most

  • Learn how mowing less will make your lawn more beautiful and resilient to weather fluctuations

  • Find out how to plant a bee and butterfly garden to beautify your yard and create a safe haven for our most precious insects

  • Receive a bonus section on getting started with your first flock of chickens!

The Holistic Home will be sent to your email inbox as a PDF, from there you can download it and save it to your device or view it online.

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  • Downloadable PDF immediately sent to your email inbox
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