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Medium Chicken Tractor Build Plans

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Medium Chicken Tractor Build Plans

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The Medium Mobile Chicken Tractor

Download this 45-page guide that will take you step-by-step through building the Medium Mobile Chicken Tractor.

  • Flock Size: 6 - 10 hens
  • Nesting Boxes: 4
  • Dimensions: 6’W x 10’L x 5.5’H
  • Estimated Materials Cost: $600 - $700
  • Build Time: 22 hours

The Medium Mobile Chicken Tractor is perfect for a bigger suburban lot or hobby farm. Your municipal laws are less stringent, allowing for a bigger flock size of 6 - 10 hens that can feed you and your family breakfast each and every day. The mid-sized footprint of this tractor allows you to simply park it or easily move it around your yard as needed.

The timeless and beautiful design of this A-Frame Chicken Tractor will make your heart happy every time you lay eyes on it (ours certainly does!). The white corrugated steel never rusts and the lumber never molds with our recommended eco-stain treatment.

All our Mobile Chicken Tractors are dog-proof, raccoon-proof, weasel-proof, coyote-proof, and hawk/owl-proof ensuring your hens will be kept safe from all suburban predators. Our design not only gives you peace of mind, but also keeps your flock’s stress levels at an absolute minimum.

The build plans include:

  • A full materials and tools list with links to specific items
  • Step-by-step instructions with detailed diagrams and pictures
  • Tips and tricks on how best to use the tractor
  • A video tour of the finished tractor
  • Predator-Proof Promise (we guarantee safe hens for life or your money back)

Once purchased, the PDF will be emailed to you, where you can read it on your device or print it off.

Here's to happy (and safe) hens!

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45 Page PDF [downloadable + printable]

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